Green Gable Go Figure at Nohea SH, NA, NAJ, OF, TD

PRCD, FN, AN clear
OFA good

Fig is a delightful character who will be competing in agility and field trials in 2018.





Green Gable Go Figure At Nohea TD SH NA NAJ OF NFC FC Warrener's Chuck-Will's Widow SH FC Corazon Beau FC AFC Oak Alley Golden Plover
NFC FC AFC Chyknell Megan
FC Warreners Yellowhammer MH FC Griffins Pride Rocky
Gwynnfield Misty
Rock River's Anne of Green Gable MH Charons Goin For A Ride MH FC Windwhistle Padraig
FC Fallenwings Witney Morgan MH
Baylee of Ritchart FC AFC Fallen Wing's Elvis MH
Emma Joan Daniels
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