About Nohea

I bought my first English Cocker Spaniel in the late 1980's, and have been breeding and competing with ECs since the early 1990's. I started out with show-bred ECs, and competed with them in conformation, obedience, tracking, agility and hunt tests. I've bred many show champions, as well as many ECs with titles in all these areas of competition. Over the past few years, I have become enamored of the field-bred ECs because of their intelligence, enthusiasm, athleticism, and wholehearted desire to work with their handlers. And I've started competing in field trials as well. I only have 2 ECs who live with me, but own or co-own several others who live with other people.

I'm fairly compulsive about health testing my dogs who are bred. Dogs must have had OFA hip clearances and genetic tests for PRCD (progressive rod cone disease, or progressive retinal atrophy), and FN (familial nephropathy) before they are bred, and have no serious health problems. I breed one or two litters a year. You can find out more about planned or current litters on this web site.

I judge Tracking and Hunt Tests for the AKC, and love having the opportunity to watch other dogs work, as well as to give back to the sports that I enjoy so much.

I'm also a perinatologist ("Maternal-Fetal Medicine", or high-risk obstetrics) and, as such, have lots of experience doing ultrasounds of fetal human beings. Who could resist looking at what's going on inside a pregnant dog? I hope others enjoy the ultrasound images of fetal ECS ultrasound images on this site!

I live in Neenah, WI, just south of Green Bay, with my partner and our young daughter, Hazel, who often accompanies me to dog events. I also have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren.

Lastly, I am a quilter, although I devote a lot less of my time to this hobby than to my dogs. Please visit my slideshow of some of the quilts I've made.

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